5 Commonly Missed Opportunities for the Aspiring Undergrad

As a senior at UVU I have learned a lot from mistakes I have made and advice I have been given. As I attended my classes I discovered that a very small percentage of people in my classes were engaged in developing themselves outside of the classroom. Mentors and professors taught me that to stand out in a crowd one must be above the crowd. Similar to the movie “Yes Man,” I began to take advantage of every opportunity I could. Below are a few things that I feel are under-utilized at UVU.

Join the Psychology Club

There are a wide variety of opportunities the psychology club can offer. Whether you are a freshman interested in psychology or a senior finishing a degree, the psychology club can enhance your knowledge and network to achieve greater success. The club usually has presentations from professors and other professionals in the behavioral science field twice a month that provide tips and other interesting topics you will not hear in class. Join the UVU Psychology Club on Facebook and Twitter to receive updates and request activities that fit your interests.

Attend Events

The UVU Psychology Club is not the only organization to host cool events; UVUSA regularly invites influential guest speakers to address the student body. Admission is free of charge and the speakers are from all different backgrounds. One of the most recent speakers, Elizabeth Smart, spoke of how she overcame her abduction. These events can be useful to help you define your career interests, add another line on your curriculum vitae, or just make you smarter in general!

Boost Your Curriculum Vitae

Contributing to the UVU Psychology Club and attending presentations are great ways to add to your curriculum vitae, but there are also many more opportunities around campus. UVU service council holds weekly service events and has lists of organizations that are always in need of volunteers. Helping in the community not only makes you stand out against other applicants for grad school, but it helps you feel more fulfilled.

Get Engaged

Being engaged with what UVU has to offer will ensure that you are taking full advantage of programs and activities that are designed to make you more competitive in the workplace. Engagement week is hosted by UVU and will be held March 27- 28, 2015. It is an awesome opportunity for you to present research you have been working on and see what other’s have done. Conducting and presenting research is one of the most important aspects of applying to graduate school. UVU has many opportunities to help you fund your projects. For more information on available scholarships, visit the office of Engaged Learning at UVU.

Make Friends

Although teachers and advisors can help prepare you for a future career, nothing can replace the value of friends. As you go throughout your declared major you will likely have many classes with the same people. Take advantage of opportunities to gain friends who share your same passions and interests. Friends in your major may be facing similar struggles and can offer support a teacher or advisor might not be able to give. Having a classroom full of friends only enhances your time as an undergrad!