Dr. Russ Warne

Q: What is your research focus? 

RW: Advanced academics (Advanced Placement, grade skipping, gifted education etc.) and human intelligence. 

Q: What current research/creative projects are you working on? 

RW: I’m wrapping up a project on grade skipping, and I am about to write another article on the AP program. I’m starting a project with the School of Education about the AP program. 

Q: What are your goals with these projects? 

RW: Articles, articles, articles. 

Q: What other research interests do you have? 

RW: Statistical procedures, research practices, and methodology. 

Q: What opportunities are available to UVU students who would like to get involved in research? 

RW: Some students may be able to help with the project I’m doing with the School of Education. It’s not clear when that starts and how many students I’ll be able to take on. 

Q: Currently, or in the near future, are you available to facilitate research opportunities with students? 

RW: Not until January 2017. Until then I’m focused on writing my stats textbook. 

Q: What advice do you have for undergraduate students? 

RW: Take as many courses from full-time faculty as you can.Building those relationships will give you the help you need to get into a good grad school.