Dr. Kris Doty, Social Work

Name:  Kris Doty 

Department:  Behavioral Science 

Emphasis: Social Work


Q: What is your research focus?:

KD: LDS social issues (perfectionism, depression, early returning missionaries) 

Q: What current research projects are you working on, if any?   

KD: I am writing up studies I have completed during the past year. 

Q: What are your goals with these projects?   

KD: Get three articles out by the end of the academic year. 

Q: What other research interests do you have?   

KD: Program evaluation, welfare reform 

Q: What opportunities are available to UVU students who would like to get involved in research?   

KD: I typically have students work heavily with me on my projects from conception to publication.   

Q: Currently, or in the near future (if so, please provide an availability date), are you available to facilitate research opportunities with students?   

KD: Either Fall or Spring 2017 I will start the next project on interviewing former mission presidents to ascertain their experiences working with ERMs. 

Q: What advice do you have for undergraduate students? (research, grad school, building relationships with teachers, etc.)   

KD: Do your reading, avoid complaining, and avoid texting in class to show you are a serious student. Make good relationships with faculty by seeing them during office hours.  Don’t suck up – we see through that instantly.  Find joy in the academic journey and take good care of yourself by not overloading your life and schedule.