Dr. Matt Draper, Psychology

Name: Dr. Matthew Draper 
Department: BESC/Psychology 
Q: What is your research focus?  
MD: Theoretical and philosophical psychology. 
Q: What current research projects are you working on, if any?  
MD: Mormonism and Perfectionism/Pornography use, religious trauma, racism, grace and psychotherapy 
Q: What are your goals with these projects?  
MD: To develop and share new theoretical perspectives via publication and presentation. 
Q: What other research interests do you have?   
MD: Spirituality, sexuality, Christian and LDS Theology and psychology, phenomenology and psychology, etc. 
Q: What opportunities are available to UVU students who would like to get involved in research?  
MD: None or lots, depending. For people who are creative and who roll up their sleeves and get involved there’s no end of opportunities. For timid people who want to be given something to do, then very little. 
Q: Currently, or in the near future (if so, please provide an availability date), are you available to facilitate research opportunities with students? 
MD: Our research team meets at 3pm on Fridays. 
Q: What advice do you have for undergraduate students? (research, grad school, building relationships with teachers, etc.)  
MD: There is always room at the top, and it’s a long trip there. Don’t go alone.