Dr. Jeremy Boden, Family Studies

Name: Jeremy Boden 

Department: Behavioral Science 


Q: What is your research focus? 

JB: Transition to Sexual Activity in Married Couples 


Q: What current research projects are you working on, if any?  

JB: I’m currently working on a Phase III of our Transition to Sexual Activity Project. We are writing up our third IRB to submit soon. We are looking to study couples (who reported to be sexually abstinent prior to marriage) pre- and post-wedding to get a better and more proximal shot of their transition to sexual activity.  


Q: What are your goals with these projects?  


1. Understand the predictors and protective factors for couples going into this major developmental transition that will sustain them short- and long-term.  

2. To use the date to create a family life education program for premarital couples 

3. To provide a rich research opportunity for undergraduate students to develop and carryout meaningful and applied research and to provide opportunities to present at local, regional, and/or national conferences. 


Q: What other research interests do you have?   

JB: None 


Q: What opportunities are available to UVU students who would like to get involved in research? 

JB: We have a very small team but new research team members are welcome to talk with me about their aspirations and interests. 


Q: Currently, or in the near future (if so, please provide an availability date), are you available to facilitate research opportunities with students? 

JB: It is possible in spring 2016.  


Q: What advice do you have for undergraduate students? (research, grad school, building  relationships with teachers, etc.) 

JB: If you are interested in graduate school in the social sciences, just get involved in any research project, even if it doesn’t completely interest you.