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Dogs Welcome Here!

Our first semester of starting a canine cognition program has been quite successful! Not only did we get grant funding to acquire materials for research, we have successfully built a research “room” and started practicing our research skills. Here we are preparing our materials:Here we are building our shelter:Here we are documenting our process:Thank you team […]

HPL/BaCN Student Researchers are Presenting!

Congratulations to Keifer Weiland and Josh Brown! Keifer will be presenting his project, Is the pen mightier than the keyboard?: Assessing whether distinct types of note-taking influence retention, at the 30th Annual National Council on Undergraduate Research Conference in Asheville, NC.  Josh will be presenting his project, Evaluating fashion fluency, at the 28th Association for Psychological Science Annual Conference in […]

Dr. Jeremy Boden, Family Studies

Name: Jeremy Boden Department: Behavioral Science  Q: What is your research focus? JB: Transition to Sexual Activity in Married Couples  Q: What current research projects are you working on, if any?  JB: I’m currently working on a Phase III of our Transition to Sexual Activity Project. We are writing up our third IRB to submit soon. We are looking to study couples (who reported to be […]

Dr. Matt Draper, Psychology

Name: Dr. Matthew Draper Department: BESC/Psychology  Q: What is your research focus?  MD: Theoretical and philosophical psychology.   Q: What current research projects are you working on, if any?  MD: Mormonism and Perfectionism/Pornography use, religious trauma, racism, grace and psychotherapy   Q: What are your goals with these projects?  MD: To develop and share new theoretical perspectives via publication and presentation.   Q: What other research interests do you have?   MD: Spirituality, sexuality, Christian and LDS Theology […]

Dr. Kris Doty, Social Work

Name:  Kris Doty Department:  Behavioral Science Emphasis: Social Work   Q: What is your research focus?:KD: LDS social issues (perfectionism, depression, early returning missionaries) Q: What current research projects are you working on, if any?   KD: I am writing up studies I have completed during the past year. Q: What are your goals with these projects?   KD: Get three articles out by the end of the academic year. Q: What […]

Dr. Barton Poulson, Psychology

Q: What is your research focus?BP: Data Science Training and Service (data science is essentially the combination of statistics and computer programming in applied settings)Q: What current research projects are you working on, if any?BP: 1. I am developing a wide range of tutorials and courses on data science to be delivered online2. I run an […]

Dr. Russ Warne

Q: What is your research focus? RW: Advanced academics (Advanced Placement, grade skipping, gifted education etc.) and human intelligence. Q: What current research/creative projects are you working on? RW: I’m wrapping up a project on grade skipping, and I am about to write another article on the AP program. I’m starting a project with the School of Education about the […]

Keith Rayner (1943-2015)

Today, I discovered that a researcher I held in high esteem has passed away. My world is shaken, and I feel awful because I only discovered now that he has been dead since January 2015. Keith Rayner, although I missed your passing, I thought of you often.Keith’s full memorial:

Dr. Anton Tolman, Psychology

We at HPL/BaCN approached faculty in the Behavioral Science Department at Utah Valley University to see (1) what they’re working on and (2) what advice they have for undergraduates. Here is what we learned.Q: What is your research focus? AT: Interests include teaching and learning in higher education, risk evaluations for dangerous offenders, psychopathy, and the […]

UVU Behavioral Science Faculty Highlights

We here at HPL/BaCN are excited to announce that we’re kicking off our fall 2015 semester blogging activities with highlights of the research and creative activities of the faculty within the Behavioral Science Department at UVU. We hope that these posts will help UVU students connect with faculty doing work that interests them. Happy researching, […]