Current EDGE-U Members

Bryan Dalley
Spring 2017- Current Member 
Major: Psychology/statistics 
Graduation: Spring 2019

Current Projects
Taste perception and moral judgment, canine cognition, and the BSL project

I’m interested in the perceptions, philosophies, behaviors, and thoughts that contribute to the development of depression and anxiety. I am also interested in how relationships are affected by depression and how couples can maintain relationship satisfaction when depression is affecting one or both partners. Finally, I have recently become interested in exploring how moral judgement is created and its implications on perfectionism and depression.

Chase J. Jenson
April 2014-Current Member
Lab Manager: April 2014-Aug. 2015
Major: Behavioral Science
     Emphasis in Psychology
Minor: Biology
Graduation: Spring 2017

Research Interest
Genetic, Developmental, Molecular, Computational, and Cognitive Neuroscience

Current Projects
Effect of Undergraduate Breakout Session Leader, Perspectival Line Project, and Neuroscience Outreach

Chase J. have been going to Utah Valley University since 2011. While at Utah Valley University Chase has held a variety of positions from Presidential Leadership Participant in the Center for the Advancement of Leadership, Multicultural Assistant Chairman, Prospective Student Services Student Ambassador and Teacher’s Assistant to Dr. Hill and Dr. McGunigall-Smith, and Lab Manager for Hill Pedagogy Lab. He is currently working on various research projects while being an instructional assistant for Psychology 1010 course. It is his desire to get a PhD. in neurobiological related field and to continue to make new discoveries in research.

Michaella Loveless
Fall 2017- Current Member
Major: Behavioral Science emphasis in Psychology
Graduation: Spring 2018

Research Interest
Cognitive Neuroscience

Current Projects
Stress and Yoga

I have been conducting the study of physiological stress responses of undergraduate female students. The subjects watch a 30 minute video that has a particular stressful segment. I watch, record, and measure their heart rate and breathing all throughout the video. Michaella Loveless is a first generation student. She has been inspired by others around her to follow her passions and study Neuroscience. She has come to love studying the human brain’s functions and its influence on human behavior(s). She graduates with her Bachelors Spring 2018 with a degree in Behavioral Science, emphasis in Psychology.