Current Lab Manager

derick-ginesDerick Gines
Spring 2016-Current Member
Lab Manager: August 2016- Current
Major: Behavioral Science
            Emphasis in Psychology
Minor: Spanish

 Research Interest

Suicide, Divorce, Cultural Differences Between Collectivist and Individualistic Societies, and Visual Awareness


Project Lead: Absence of Visual Awareness

This is Derick’s first semester as lab manager, where he gets the opportunity to work with many talented individuals. Derick graduates Fall 2016. He is applying to graduate schools and will be working for his Doctorate degree in either clinical psychology or counseling psychology. He is currently interning at the Academy for Child Advocacy and Family Support (ACAFS), where he facilitates exchanges and supervised visits between high-conflict divorced parents for their children.


Danni Petersen
Feb. 2016-Current Member
Assistant Lab Manager Aug. 2016- Current

Major: Behavioral Science
     Emphasis in Psychology

Research Interests

Cognitive Neuroscience, Biological Mechanisms Underlying Emotion, Physiological Stress Response

Danni is a senior at Utah Valley University. She has presented research in Psychology and Sociology at a number of research conferences including: the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association Convention, the Utah Conference for Undergraduate Research, and the American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences. Danni brings a fresh perspective to the fields of neuroscience and hopes to use data science to examine the relationship between emotion and cognition.