UVU Professors

HillDr. Jessica Hill, Ph.D. 
I consider myself a ‘cognitive developmentalist.’ In other words, I study cognitive psychology in the context of lifespan changes. 

Research Interests

Broad: Lifespan development, executive control, attention, oculomotor control, cognition, perception, developmental disorders, pedagogy

Specific: Eye movement methods used to investigate: developmental differences, oculomotor capture, inhibition of return, visual marking, and task switching; Oculomotor reading behavior as a measure of cognition; How current reading models must be modified to account for reading disorders; Development of more objective diagnostic criteria via oculomotor measures for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); Relationship of ADHD to developmental dyslexia, specific subtypes, and related comorbidity to ADHD; Developing crossover research techniques to bridge between subfields of psychology. A recent but significant direction for my research is pedagogy as specifically applied to psychology courses and graduate teacher training.

LieberwirthDr. Claudia Lieberwirth, Ph.D.
Dr. Lieberwirth is a neuroscientist from Germany.  She is currently  trying to expand neuroscience related classes at Utah Valley University as well as establish a science, technology, engineering, and math high school outreach program. 

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*Dr. Lieberwirth is top right of image