Current Lab Members

Tyler Barton
Major: Psychology
Team Lead: Biopack System
Research Projects: ADHD
Research Interest: Neuropsychology, Identity/Self-concept, and Perception
Tyler is a Psychology Major wrapping up his senior year at UVU. He is a film fanatic and enjoys singing/songwriting in his spare time. Tyler has been working in the BaCN lab since August 2017.

Jared Burton
Major: Psychology with Biology Minor
Team Lead: ADHD and Canine Cognition
Research Interest: Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Co-morbid Disorders
Jared hopes to go to graduate school for clinical neuropsychology. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, wake-boarding, stressing over his fantasy football team, and slaying the unworthy in Super Smash Brothers.

Jordan Ciriako
Major: Psychology
Research Projects: Morals, Women in Leadership
Jordan is currently in his senior year of college and is currently applying to various social work masters programs. He is employed at Heritage Community in Provo, where he works closely with high functioning young men who are on the spectrum. He enjoys spending time with his wife and family, playing video games, and being outdoors.

Hyrum Dansie
Major: psychology
Research Projects: currently working on the Green project and Pen is mightier.
Research Interests: adolescent development, autism spectrum disorder, and depression.
Hyrum is a senior at UVU hoping to go to graduate school for clinical psychology. He plans on pursuing a career in therapy specializing in troubled youth. In his free time he enjoys sewing and painting, and exploring the Utah wilderness.

Daniel Conley
Major: Psychology
Team Lead: Women in Leadership, and is assisting other research projects.
Daniel plans on getting a PhD in organizational behavior. Some of his hobbies include reading, cooking, riding horses, camping, and wishing he had more time for fun hobbies.

Bryan Dalley
Major: Statistics and Psychology
Team Lead: Moral
Research Projects: Canine Cognition
Research Interest: Depression, Relationship Satisfaction, Suicide, and Psychometrics
Bryan plans on earning a PhD in clinical psychology. As a therapist, he plans on helping couples in which one or both partners struggle with a mental disorder, particularly addiction or depression.

Cason Dotson
Major: Psychology with a Minor in Biology
Team Lead: Academic Freedom
Research Projects: Green Grant, and Art Aesthetic
Research Interest: Neuropsychology, Memory, ADHD, PTSD, and TBI
Cason works as an outside consultant on legal cases involving traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Cason is also involved in additional studies such as male depression, ADHD, marriage challenges, and Utahn attitudes towards substance use disorder. Cason plans on pursuing an education in behavioral neuroscience.

Cody Fackrell
Major: Psychology with a Biology Minor
Research Projects: Art Aesthetic 
Research Interests: Cognitive Neuroscience, Forensics, and Addiction
Cody joined the BaCN team in September of 2018. He plans to apply for Graduate school in the Fall of 2018. He has worked/volunteered with several populations including: refugees, children, homeless, and co-occurring disorders. In his free time, he enjoys auto-racing, hiking, tubing/kayaking, and fishing.

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

Devin Gilbert
Major: Psychology
Team Lead: Canine Cognition
Research Projects: Canine Cognition, and Pen is Mightier
Research Interest: Cognitive sport psychology, injury recovery, motivation and emotion in sport, gender studies in sport. Will be working towards getting a PhD in Sport Psychology and becoming a certified mental performance consultant.
Devin enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and daughter. He’s also a fan of football, competitive swimming, gymnastics, and is a recreational participant in lacrosse. In his free time at home he enjoys playing video games and enjoying movies with his family.

Ian Hatch
Major: Psychology
Research Projects:  Dyslexia and Pen is Mightier
Research Interest:   Neuro-psychology, cognitive psychology, sensation and perception.
Ian’s hobbies include rock climbing, boating, snowboarding, Mexican food and watching movies.

Chase Jenson
Major: Psychology and Biology
Team Lead: Art Aesthetic
Research Projects: Academic Freedom, ADHD, and Dyslexia
Research Interest: Computation Cognitive Neuroscience, Memory,  and Mental Disorders
Chase has been involved with BaCN since 2014. He has worked as the Multicultural Assistant Chairman, CAL Presidential Scholar, and Perspective Student Services Student Ambassador. Chase has worked on various research groups, such as Dr. McGunigall-Smith and Dr. Taylor. Chase has worked with the BSL program for three years and is involved in various service organizations.

Christine Lin
Major: Psychology
Research Interests: Language, Human Relations, and the Philosophy of Neuroscience
Christine is a current junior student at UVU working on her undergraduate degree in Psychology. Her research interests focus on language, human relations, and the philosophy of neuroscience, including attention and consciousness, and how these ideas can be applied within the study of psychology as well as in law and forensic settings.

Michelle Chatterley
Major: Psychology
Research Projects: Morals, and Women in Leadership
Research Interest: Suicide, PTSD, Depression, Cognitive Neuroscience, Mindfulness, and Meditation
Michelle is a senior at Utah Valley University, pursuing her B.S. in Psychology. In the Fall of 2018, she became a research associate at the National Center of Veterans Studies at the University of Utah. She is a current statistics tutor with the Math Lab at UVU. She is also the VP (President-Elect) of the One Small Tummy service club at UVU, focused on organizing donations of newborn and infant supplies and food for the local food bank. She volunteers at Annie’s House, A Steps Recovery Center, on the weekends assisting in group therapy sessions by introducing meditation and mindfulness techniques to the residents. Her research interests include: suicide, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, cognitive neuroscience, and mindfulness-based stress reduction & meditation. Other research she is participating in outside of the lab include: military sexual assault and institutional betrayal; PTSD, depression and veteran academic performance; ADHD and marital problems; Utah residents attitudes and beliefs towards drug offenders; and introspection resulting from religious and spiritual practices. She plans to apply to graduate programs in the fall of 2019.

Anna Lunt
Major: Psychology with Philosophy Minor
Research Projects: Art Aesthetic and Morals
Research Interests:  Moral Psychology, Philosophy of Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and Cognitive Psychology.
Anna is a research assistant on two research projects: the Art Aesthetic research project as well as the Moral Judgment and Motor Movement research project. She is the team lead on a research project outside of the BaCN lab which focuses on college student homelessness. She is the co-president of the service club UVU Cares, that is focused on student homelessness and basic needs insecurity. In her free time, Anna enjoys reading, poetry, writing, yoga, and spending time with friends and family. She plans on attending graduate school to earn a Ph.D. after finishing her undergraduate studies at UVU.  

June Perez
Major: Psychology with Biology Minor (Pre-Med)
Research Projects: Biopack
June’s future career goal is to work in medical research for brain and behavior specializing in depression & anxiety with an MD/PhD. She is currently involved with undergraduate research project about stress and helps edit the Dr. Hill’s website. She enjoys her dogs and the outdoors.


Clayton Rawson
Major: Biology and Chemistry with a Psychology Minor
Team Lead: Breadwinners
Research Projects: Pig Cognition, and Who’s Smarter
Clayton’s future career goal is a MD/PhD. He would like do research in the field of neuroscience and work with patients who have brain diseases, especially those caused by prions. He joined the HPL/BaCN lab in April of 2018. He has worked in projects ranging from female breadwinners to academic freedom.

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

Keifer Weiland
Major: Behavioral Science with an Emphasis in Psychology and a Minor in Biology
Team Lead: Pen is Mightier
Keifer has been a contributing member of the lab for several years and has been involved in several other projects in both this lab and other research teams on campus. He graduated in spring of 2018 and is currently involved in the medical school application process. He is the proud father of two wonderful children and enjoys playing guitar, volunteering for adults with disabilities, and being involved in the community.

Peter Williams  
Major: Psychology (Pre-Med) with a Chemistry Minor
Team Lead: Dyslexia and Green Grant
Research Interest: anything having to do with cognition or neuroscience.
Peter has been a member of the BaCN research lab since the Spring 2017. He is currently enjoying his studies in Psychology and Chemistry. In his free time, Peter enjoys taking long nature walks and watching long nature docs. He plans on attending medical school after finishing his undergraduate studies at UVU.

Charles Bowman 
Major: Psychology
Research Projects: Green Grant
Research interests: Cognition, Cognitive Development, Memory,
Human Learning
Charles is a junior studying Psychology at Utah Valley University and joined the BaCN lab in Fall 2018. Charles plans to attend a cognition/development graduate program in Fall 2021. Charles is working on a knowledge attribution replication project through independent research with two undergraduate colleagues, and the advisement of Dr. Russell T. Warne. With his free-time he enjoys nature photography, portrait photography, writing, cooking, and quilting.

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Summer Turpin
Major: Psychology with a minor in Family Studies
Team Lead: Canine Cognition
Research Projects: Abuse Trauma, Parental Divorce, Veteran Suicide, Academic Freedom
Research Interests: Trauma, PTSD, Abuse, Domestic Violence, Relationships, ADHD, Substance Abuse, Alcohol Abuse
Summer is interested in getting her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, emphasizing in treatment for individuals with severe, complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other challenges related to trauma.