Current Research

Neuroscience Research

Physiological Reactions to Stress

Oculomotor Research

An Oculomotor Investigation into Aesthetic Judgement in 2D art

This research project examines the differences between expert and novice viewers of two dimensional art by examining  dilation. 

Eye Movements and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

The Contributions of Word Shape to Paravofeal Processing in Readers with Dyslexia

Canine Cognition

Canine Eye Movements Replication Project

Object Permanence in Dogs

We want to understand the differences and similarities between the cognition and perception of dogs and humans. For example, do dogs develop a sense of object permanence as humans do? How do dogs respond to various perceptual signals, and how does it differ from human responses? We will perform direct and conceptual replications on recent literature of this topic to both bolster the current literature as well as hone research skills when working with a different species. We intend to design and implement original studies in the future.

Higher Education Research

Variations in Perceptions of Academic Freedom and Shared Governance based on Carnegie Classificaiton

This project explores the relationship between faculty and administration in higher education. Specifically, we look at the evolving role that shared governance has within that relationship.

Utah Women in Leadership in Higher Education

Utah Women in Higher Education as Primary Financial Supporters

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Research

Essential Skills Needed by Novice Graduate Instructors before Teaching for the First Time (multiple studies)

Perceptions of Academic Self-Concept in STEM Classrooms

The Effect of Instructor-Student Personality Characteristic Match on Student Ratings of Instructor

Disentangling High Impact Practices: Do Peer Mentors or Research Experiences Matter More in General Psychology Courses?

Is the Pen Mightier than the Keyboard?: Assessing whether Distinct Types of Note-Taking Influence Retention at an Open-Enrollment Institution

Recent empirical work has demonstrated a strong correlation between academic performance and note-taking quality. The purpose of this experiment is to assess how college students take notes. Participants will watch a short TED talk (a videotaped lecture), take notes on the material presented in the video, and then take a short quiz on the material presented.

Effective Faculty Mentorship and Organizational Practices for Undergraduate Research Teams

Other Projects

Moral Judgment and Movement

We are replicating a study investigating if our moral judgment is affected by movement. In other words, we are investigating if the way we move affects the way we perceive others.